Analyzer – Benefits and Key features

The Analyzer is a  video and data-based cricket match analysis software. The live match videos with data are captured on Analyzer using various cricketing parameters to generate performance analysis reports with videos and data. The Analyzer is developed with the state of the art technology. It is being used by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for umpires performance analysis covering 2000 domestic matches. The higher version of Analyzer is used by the State Cricket Associations for their team’s & players performance analysis.

Cricket:-Analyzer Key Features

  • Real-time reports of match videos and statistical data
  • Each of the following reports has specific filters within them
  • Players analysis –batsman vs bowlers and vice versa
  • Teams analysis ‘A’ vs ‘B’ for strategic & game planning
  • Partnership, time Span and fielding reports
  • Multi-match reports of any particular player or umpire
  • Preview and export of reports with statistics and  match videos
  • Printing of statistical reports for players and team in multiple formats
  • Reports generations in live situations for helping coach
  • Very user-friendly, can be operated with basic computer knowledge 



  • For players, teams, coaches, umpires, selectors, curators, academies
  • Match analysis based on match videos & data
  • Identification of areas of improvements in a match situation
  • Evidence-based on match statistic & videos to backup coaching
  • Coaches can analyze team performance along with players
  • Build on strength &  work on weaknesses of players & team
  • Match planning & execution of team strategies
  • Leads to effective result oriented improvements
  • Detail scorecards of all matches will be available for statistics

Benefits- for -Batsman

  • Self-analysis of Match videos with data 
  •  Strengths and weakness against particular Bowler
  • Runs on fast, bouncy, flat & slow turning pitches 
  • Session by session batting analysis in multi-day matches
  • Strike rate in 50-50 or 20-20 matches
  • Ability to improvise shots as per situation
  •  Rotating strike – running between the wickets
  • Importance of partnership building
  • Power hitting, skill, timing to hit fours and sixes
  •  Work on unplayable and  beaten deliveries
  •  Consistency in match performance
  • Match winning ability

Benefits- for – Bowlers 

  • Importance of line & length
  • Field placement according to batsman\pitch
  • Work on no balls and wide balls based on data and videos
  • The economy rate in 50-50 or 20-20 matches
  •  Observe results of variations for spinners on different pitches
  • Reading the batsman with variations in pace & swing
  • Consistency in performance in all formats
  • Bowling action for any technical corrections

Benefits- for–Umpires 

  • Match videos of umpires decisions
  • Decision-wise video folders of each umpire
  • Performance review based on videos
  • Umpires stance
  • Match management
  • Body language
  • Taking a position for run outs
  • No balls and wide balls judged as per 20-20,50-50, multi-match formats

 Benefits- for  Selectors 

  • Access to match videos with data for matches, not watched by them
  •  Runs scored on a placid wicket, against average and not so good opposition
  • The batting, bowling averages are misleading due to point no.2
  • Not performed  & Uncomfortable on bouncy and lively wickets
  • Weak against pace attack but good against spin or vice versa
  • Bowled well and performed in ideal conditions as a pace or spin bowler
  • Performance measurement with respect to Multiday, one day and T 20
  • Batting, bowling techniques suitable to the international level of cricket
  • Consistency in performance
  •  Data of Injury problems during match situations

Benefits  for Curators

  • Analyze multi-match videos with statistics of any  particular pitch
  • High scoring matches, is it a result of a placid pitch
  • Low scoring matches, assistance to pace or spin abnormally
  • Consistency in bounce
  • Day wise changes to pitch in a multi-day match situation
  • Take corrective measures based on various analytical parameters
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